Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beco Baby Carrier vs. Ergo Baby Carrier

Today Michael and I went to Little Mountain Outfitters in Boulder where we got to try on some baby carriers. I've heard great things about the Ergo but while on Little Mountain's website I saw another carrier called the Beco. I started to wander the web, looking for more info. I found this Beco vs. Ergo article. After reading it and this comment about Ergo:
Company uses heavy-handed, threatening tactics with distributors and is attempting to monopolize the market for structured carriers through intimidation and lawsuits. You might not want to support these corporate values with your hard-earned money.

...well, I wondered what the heck that was all about so I did some searching and found these two articles:

Small retailer threatened with lawsuit.

Maybe another way for Ergo to look at the situation.



I tried them both on with Michael in them--both front and back. I liked the Ergo and the optional daypack you can attach. I thought it was more comfy in the front position and easy to use in that position as well (scary as hell to put him in it in the back position) The Beco was more comfy in the back position (which is how I will carry him more often--especially as he gets older) and is SO EASY to put on. There is nothing to 'get used to' or 'practice'. You're basically wearing the baby like a backpack. You can take off the carrier with the baby in it and give it to someone else to wear. This is HUGE for me!

The pattern I bought is called the Natalie. It's dark brown with this on the outside:


Bekah said...

i love the pattern, julie. i have both an ergo and a beco. i think they feel really similar (hence the lawsuit apparently) except the beco has a little less shoulder padding in the straps and isn't quite as wide in the baby's butt area. the beco patterns are just so much cooler and prettier though. :)

Lisa said...

OK so Beco wins!!! I have been trying to figure out which carrier to buy myself??? Hmmmmmm Are they similar in price??

niclupton said...

Um where are the baby in a backpack pictures???

Angela said...

Yep. Still waiting to see you carrying that sweet boy in your new beco!
We are waiting for our court date to go pick up addi(3) and tony(2) and are hoping to beat the closure... Anyway, we are trying to decide b/t the beco and ergo... i might get the beco for me and the ergo for dh since we'll need 2! thoughts?
are you coming to the picnic next week?

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Great post. Thanks for this >> I am on the fence trying to decide which carrier to purchase and this really helps!!

I wonder if Ergo realizes the negative effect that their tactics have had / will have / are having on the sale of their products? After reading the articles that you linked to (and a few others), I really want to support a company that supports their retailers.

Starletblue said...

Haha, this is so funny, I was researching these two carriers and found your blog in a google search, but I already know you from the google group. I'd been leaning towards the Beco anyway so I've made my decision! Thanks!

Denek said...

Both baby carriers are cool and comfortable...Will defintely prefer Ergo carriers.

Susanne and Dan said...

Hi! I was googling beco vs. ergo after a friend who had both said she now prefers the beco. Your blog popped up. This helped seal my decision. Thanks so much!