Sunday, September 16, 2007

We have a possible referral

I felt it, I just KNEW it, that this was the week that we would hear something from Shimeliss. He is currently in Ethiopia and even he said he felt that this trip he would find our baby.

I should say, before this goes any further that back when we started the process with Hope Adoption Agency, Shimeliss asked what we were looking for. Boy, girl, age, etc. And I told him that we were still debating. I felt like maybe we should have two, Brad thought maybe one, Michael was excited for either and everyone else thought we were nuts for considering two. I told him that our Chinese adoption papers said we were open to the possibility of twins. Also should say that I dream of twins often. After about a week we finally decided upon one girl, between the ages of 6 months to 18 months.

So, this morning I woke up even though I had another hour before my alarm went off. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I got up and instead of checking my email right away like always, I took a shower, fed the dogs, got breakfast ready, brought my laptop to the breakfast table, spooned up my first bite of cereal and had to put it back down before I spilled it. There in front of me, sent only 20 minutes earlier at 8:01 am was an email from Shimeliss. Bear in mind that this is not a man who ever uses exclamation points :-) This is what it said:


Hello there!

I am kinda in a hurry but glad to know that you have an appointment to see Claar tomorrow! (the local agency handling our homestudy update)

I do not have pictures yet but I think I might have twins for your family!!

A boy and a girl and they are under our custody! The boy was sick today and I took him and his sister to the doctor earlier and they are doing just fine!

They are under two months of age!

Sorry this is all I can tell you for now. I have a lot of emails that I have to answer yet.

Talk to you soon. If you can, try to call me. It is kind of expensive but you can dial.....



I immediately burst into tears and read the email 10 more times. I stopped crying long enough to call Brad and luckily he answered right away. I read him the email and when I got to the, “I might have twins for your family!” I started to cry again. He seemed stunned into monosyllables. I called my brother Michael, voice mail. My parents were great--Mom was crying along with me and again my Dad became monosyllabic. While we were talking my Aunt Katy called my parents house and Dad answered it, the first thing he did was tell her the news! Hey! I wanted to tell! :-) Oh well, at least I know he’s excited too! Called Michael again, voice mail. Next I emailed Amy and Grace (also with Hope) and Grace called as soon as she got my email. She and her 19 year old daughter were yelling, “Twins, twins, twins!” I called Michael, voice mail. I called my Aunt Katy and gave her all the details. I called Michael, voice mail. I called Laura and got voice mail. Linda called and I told her, her response was an ear piercing shriek! Laura called back and she was so excited as well. I called Nichole and got voice mail and Michael and got voice mail again. I went out to the barn and Nichole called back. I got goose bumps telling her while jumping up and down! I’ve tried calling Shimeliss several times but no answer yet. I can’t wait to hear more about them. Is this a sure thing? When do we get pictures? Are they healthy? What happened to their family? I called Michael, voice mail---OMG, I’m going to wring his neck!!! I told Hien and she had a huge smile, “Great news!”

Finally, this afternoon, Michael called me back and I got to tell him the news. Ecstatic!

Current name choices:

Sunshine Grace and Michael______?

Brad’s on board for Michael but not so sure about Sunshine!


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